Hi-Point Residency provides you with a prime choice of two & three bedroom homes. Each apartment is well planned to enable you to make maximum use of available space. A wide range of features and facilities thoughtfully incorporated into the basic design, make it a housing option with a difference.
Located amidst the serene atmosphere of Manipal, in the Main Road, housed in a five storey building, you get to combine an active social life along with maximum privacy.
Quality is the prime commitment at Hi-Point Residency. Every item that goes into the construction, where it is the raw material or the finished products, is carefully managed to ensure that our residents get maximum value for their money.
The architecture is an ingenious mix of aesthetic and functional features. Careful attention has been given in designing each apartment to enable maximum use of available space. Sufficient thought has been given for important aspects like free circulation of air, ease of physical movement etc. Hi-Point Residency gives you the unique opportunity to reside in perfect harmony with your true nature. Scenic locale, peaceful neighbourhood, inspiring design and good standard of living make this a prestigious address to live in.